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Last updated: 2018-11-22

This is a to do list for the wiki, ordered from most to least urgent. Please strike out items as they are completed.

  1. Continuing: Transfer the Q&A format of the TsukiWiki:Compendium to the prose form of the wiki
  2. Continuing: Translate wiki pages
  3. Copy Q&A pairs from #systemspace to the wiki
  4. Post your stories on TsukiWiki:Stories!
  5. Expand Aurora
  6. Expand/update System article with knowledge on already-populated Systems; add 'structure' and possibly similar sections — as it is now, the article is not much more than a list of Systems
  7. Expand a User article
  8. Expand Ghakuwent'sj
  9. Expand and clarify the number system section of Synapsian
  10. Expand other (arguably less important) stubs
  11. Finish and flesh out the History of the TSUKI Project
  12. Update List of times the TSUKI Project has been mentioned in the media
  13. Create a Systems article
  14. Create a proper Music Box article (with downloadable clips of the music there)

How to translate

If you haven't yet, update your list of languages!

Translating takes some steps.

Mark page as translatable

If you do not know how to do this, a moderator can do it for you with one button press here.

If the page does not show as translatable (e.g. the Translate this page header does not show), you will need to mark it as translatable.

To do so, add the header and translate tag to the article like so:

<languages />
Page content.....

When a moderator then marks it as ready, the page will receive its Translate this page heading!

Translating a page

Click the Translate this page heading on a page to begin translating it. On the right side, click the language to translate to. You may then translate the page!

Important links

All stubs (pages that need expanding)

Wanted pages (nonexistent pages with the most links)

Compendium (rewrite this in prose form)

Short pages (add stub tags to short pages that do not have them)

Translation statistics (enter a language code to see missing)

If there are questions, do not hesitate to ask on TSUKICHAT!