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An approximate drawing of TsukiRep's appearance.

The TSUKI Representative, or TsukiRep, is the anonymous founder of the Systemspace website and the representative of the TSUKI Project. He is often referred to simply by "Tsuki", but his true name and other personal specifics are anonymous. He remains active in speaking to members through TSUKICHAN.


TsukiRep claims that he is eighteen years of age and lives in the Netherlands - this had been confirmed when examining his posting schedule within the boards. This was also proven as it is the location that his server resides in.

Besides him being tasked with the migration of such scale within the Project, he acts quite normally as an adolescent, retaining many usual interests such as video games. He goes to high school, but his focus was shifted mostly to the Project as a result of recollecting his task.


TsukiRep was created as an Astrea by a person who was previously tasked with handling KAHGY-related tasks. He is therefore something like a mirror image of the person who he shares a soul with.

When TsukiRep was approximately twelve years of age, he began to strangely recall memories of a different location through "daydreams", turning out to be him in the LFE system. He then found out that his mission was to assist in unlinking migrants from Life. He began to develop the Systemspace website on both the normal and deep web.

On 4chan his tripcode is !G5T2yX0e3k.


  • TsukiRep likes the Korean language.
  • His personality type is INTP.
  • His birthday is July 8th.