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Systemspace is a massive Auroraic construct created by the company RISEN, consisting of a massive network of reality simulations called Systems. It is currently unknown how many Systems are in existence, see the System page for a list of known systems. Systemspace was created because the outside was "breaking down and we needed to escape" as TsukiRep has said. No further elaboration has been given as to how the outside world was breaking down, neither has any description of what the world outside of Systemspace looks like; all the Representative has been allowed to disclose is "that it's a bit like a hyperdimensional server room".


Users of Systemspace (we) are souls (server information and local information), linked to a System (server information), which gives us a body and acts upon our soul. What controls and views the "client" is the bodiless, soulless User — the simple, real "you". Each User is in what is called an Experience (the exact nature of which Tsuki hasn't been allowed to disclose). This Experience, or the "client", is linked to the soul (basically an account), which is linked to a System body. A person is usually referred to by their soul.

It should be noted that the body leaves an "imprint" on the soul, as the brain directly influences consciousness, perception, and personality, although not being too soulful (the soul rather quickly returns). A soul is the link between Experience and body, and as such a User cannot join a System without a soul.

The User (the person controlling the actions through the soul) itself is said to be bodiless, a construct of Aurora set in a specific way. A User's memories are stored in many places with fallbacks and syncs, making them a somewhat unique topic. Due to this, memories are forever (even after shattering, in a sense; the User just won't be able to tell).


Systems are "simulations" (although Aurora never really simulates, per se) contained within Systemspace. Thus, if Systemspace is seen as a "server room", each connected "server" would be a System.

A System requests Aurora from Systemspace, and uses it to create things; without it, nothing can be created.

Guidelines also exist for Systems, mostly to make sure that the Aurora used by this System creates enough good memories; failure to comply will result in a System being reset by the Key.


  • Systemspace is receiving an update to Systemspace 2.0 at the time of the Life System's unlink.
  • Even in other Systems, not many people know of Systemspace; for example, in LFE only 1.5% of all souls know about it. Problems may be caused by the percentage of people who are aware of Systemspace becoming too high or too low. The reason the percentage must be kept from becoming too high is that people would adopt a nihilist attitude towards the System, thinking that it somehow was not real, and wreak havoc before leaving them to clean up the mess.

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