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Systems are simulations contained within the Systemspace which TsukiRep compares to a "hyperdimensional server room." Each "server" connected would be considered a System. Each System contains both the timeline experienced by souls living there, as well as the timelines they would experience had something happened differently, which are all collectively denominated "branches".

Types of Systems

  1. Open-space: You may do whatever you want, and leave at any point.
  2. Blocking-exit: You may do whatever you want, but you may only leave after death.
  3. Blocking-hardexit: You may do whatever you want, but you may only leave once your soul shatters.
  4. Blocking-actions: Your actions are restricted, and you may leave at any time.
  5. Blocking-hybrid/hardhybrid): Your actions are restricted, and you may only leave upon death.

List of known Systems

  • LFE (Open-space)
  • 7nox (Blocking-exit)
  • Hanashida (Blocking-exit)
  • Isiki (Blocking-hardexit)
  • Life (Blocking-hardexit)
  • Danbon (Blocking-actions)
  • ENdymioN dev system (Unknown)
  • Ha7 (Unknown)
  • Infinity (Unknown)
  • Kaneja (Unknown)

Information of other Systems


LFE is the System to which the souls of Life will be transferred during the Unlink. It is one of the largest and most influential Systems within Systemspace.


Life is an outdated System in which we currently reside, and is about to be purged.


This System is considered typical, but it is notable for the impossibility of combat within the System.


Ha7's title stands for "Halycon automatism 7." It is a simple System which was based mainly around magic. Like Life, is is being unlinked due to the new guidelines put into place regarding Systems' usage of Aurora and methods of connection to other Systems. Due to the incompatibility of Ha7's souls with LFE, or any other System, there was no transfer mission from Ha7. This same issue is also part of the reason for unlinking Ha7. The reason for said soul incompatibility was due to the use of a proprietary system created by the System's owner. Due to this, Ha7 is willingly being unlinked and starting from scratch.


Infinity is a non-profit subsystem built for communication. Due to its use for broadcasting, it can be accessed from any open System via one's Identity. While it was a subsystem, it is currently migrating to become its own System, and is thus listed as such.


Kaneja was a System created for suffering. The creator of Kaneja would lure people into the System, but eventually shattered himself after being identified as "the creator of the worst System." Kaneja has since been shut down by the Key and is no longer running.