The Migrant and the Anon

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Over the past two years, migrants, while originating by and large from 4chan, have definitely passed through the sort of common experiences that make them a people all by themselves. The defining characteristic of an anon, is a desire for anonymity; the defining characteristic of a migrant, is a desire for "comfiness".

The word "comfy", used as a state of being, originated on 4chan, but there it is usually used in reference to important threads, for example "Come and get comfy as we watch the show!" Whereas here, all migrants pursue comfy with the same zeal a Buddhist pursues nirvana or the Founding Fathers pursued happiness. Some may recognize that, comfy needs contrasts to be truly appreciated; but all yearn for comfy. It manifests itself in different ways: under a warm blanket on a cold winter day, seeing a well-lit city in the distance at midnight amidst drizzle, being a small-town librarian reading books about the occult, and nobody knows how the books got there.

Anons desire anonymity so much it defines them and is how they identify themselves. Whereas TSUKICHAT has thousands of posts a day, and TSUKICHAN only a few if they're lucky. Like users of any other online chat system, they come up with nicknames for each other, are familiar with each other's personalities, and form relationships that are sometimes deeply personal. A vestige of this desire still remains in the migrant spirit, in the form of an ardent desire for privacy. TSUKICHAT is regularly and automatically purged, in a manner more akin to imageboards.

Migrants are similar to anons in their disdain for new people. They both have no patience for obnoxious ones. But it is perhaps easier to evade being scrutinized by anons than migrants; all an anon has to do to assimilate is by lurking long enough to understand the culture of that particular board, but migrants judge by number. This disdain can only be removed by the arrival of even newer and more obnoxious migrants. But this pseudonymity also softens the impact of ideology for old migrants. Libertarian /pol/acks who had used /pol/ for years found themselves alienated with the coming of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, but here non-believers are accepted as full members of the community, as long as they are dedicated to it.