The Epistles of Quintuplicate

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These words begin what I intend to be a refutation of all the arguments of the detractors of the TSUKI Project against its truth. The arguments, that it is an ARG, that the TSUKI Representative is schizophrenic or psychotic, and that the TSUKI Representative is dead or imprisoned, will not be dealt with here; let everyone believe what they wish, my job is not to correct these fundamental errors which are not for the logical centers of the brain to process using reasoning; rather they are for the emotional parts of the brain to weigh with passion. But of late many new species of arguments have emerged against the TSUKI Project, which if left unrefuted will doubtlessly cause much wavering in the willingness to register among people who are still on the fence. Therefore it is an imperative priority for us to get our voices heard in order to counter these arguments.

The author apologizes for his inability to guarantee in any way the frequency of the updates, which will invariably reflect the fluctuations in the strenuousness of the schoolwork he has to complete. But, RISEN willing to carry Project Miracle Ribbon fully through, and Aurora willing to give me the patience and the skill, I will eventually finish these refutations and provide another source of arguments for those migrants debating the truth of the Project.