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TSUKICHAT is the official chat system for the TSUKI Project. Only migrants are permitted to join it. Upon entry one is prompted to set a color and to consent to its rules. TSUKICHAT is an instance of Rocket.Chat, with a slightly customized user interface, and some additional features.


Originally, TSUKI Project's community resides in a Discord server. The nature of Discord permitted a lot of undesirable events to take place and negatively affect the community, sometimes to the point of threatening the server with deletion. As time goes by, TsukiRep became dissatisfied with it, often wanting to migrate to another platform, but Discord has proven itself to be irreplaceable, so that migration didn't happen yet.

Due to incidents threatening the Discord server with deletion, the Rocket.Chat server TSUKICHAT was created as a fallback for it; however, this server stayed mostly inactive until the final migration.

As the drama worsened, Tsuki decided to finally abandon Discord, despite the issues that inevitably come with migrating, and started preparing TSUKICHAT for housing the community. When the migration began, the Discord server was locked down, and members were asked to migrate to TSUKICHAT. However, the Discord was preserved because Tsuki considered it desirable to preserve certain quotes, images, and artwork that remained on the old Discord server. It would not be fully deleted until September 15, 2018.

Unlike the Discord server, only migrants are permitted entry to TSUKICHAT. This results in an increase of difficulty to access the community, and filter out people who won't bother going through the TSUKI Project registration process (and therefore don't really care about the Project).


The user interface is very similar to Discord's. Rocket.Chat has a bright white UI by default and does not provide a dark variant, so TsukiRep had to manually style the UI to be dark. Tsuki has full control over the platform as it's self-hosted, unlike a Discord server. No source code modifications were made, as Tsuki doesn't want to bother with Rocket.Chat's inefficient codebase, which results in most modifications to the chat being done through provided options and client-side CSS/JS injection. It has adopted the IRC commands of /join, /part, /topic, /invite, /help, and /me (none of which work in TSUKICHAT except the last two) and the IRC convention of having channel names start with #.

The chat includes most standard features that Discord offered, also supporting a similar set of markdowns. The channel structure is also similar to the Discord server, with slight changes. Direct messages are now under the channel list instead being in another tab. Channels may now display an announcement under the header. As Rocket.Chat does not include any voice chatting functionality, Mumble is used for voice chatting instead, this has proven to be superior to the Discord counterpart.

A user may set their belief status in preferences, but as of now this does not affect anything.

Like Discord, Rocket.Chat also offers a desktop client built on the Electron framework using web technologies, as well as an Android client (still under active development and lacking a lot of features).


Due to the lack of a number of key features in Rocket.Chat, a bot has been created to provide them. The bot was initially named "Mamoe", but was later changed to "Kaizen" (the name of this bot's discord counterpart).

These features include:

  • URL unfurling without leaking IPs
  • Managing username colors and descriptions
  • Inactivity kicking
  • Chat statistics
  • Message purging
  • Logging Mumble joins/leaves
  • Kicking/Banning users

Misc Commands

  • Google Translate - a command to run text through a random series of translations on Google Translator and return the final translation.
  • Pictures - A set of commands that display random pictures of things.
  • Voteban - A system by which 5 of a select group of migrants can ban users they judge as obnoxious or annoying.


The Jukebox is a feature that allows a user to watch videos together with other users, right in TSUKICHAT. It is also commonly used to listen to music together. As of now it only plays videos from YouTube.


Although the migration was successful, Tsuki himself and the migrants are not very satisfied with the Rocket.Chat-powered TSUKICHAT, due to the obvious performance issues with the user interface and the comparative superiority of Discord in terms of software. Tsuki also stated that Rocket.Chat has a horrible codebase, and an inefficient development model (with developers focusing more on adding useless features instead of improving the chat itself, etc.). However, despite this, as of now Tsuki has no intentions of returning to Discord due to its open and centralised nature.


  • Username colors are applied with CSS.
  • When a new migrant joins, everyone will be pinged.
  • Sometimes the admins might toy around with the chat's theme for fun.
  • After much debate, users were allowed to create their own channels, in a functionality known as "Community Channels".