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The TSUKI Project index site. is the official homepage of the TSUKI Project. The goal of the site is to, quote-unquote, "facilitate the broadcasting of all TSUKI messages and to allow interaction between all registrants."

The site contains a variety of pages, most of which provide different kinds of information about the Project, some of which are login-walled and may only be accessed when logged in with an EID, as well as several hidden pages. Almost all the main pages have a page index for easy navigation.

Various information is marquee'd through at a header bar, a direct link back to the homepage along with the status is displayed, and certain clickable knobs will also appear below the header bar, depending on whether a visitor is logged in or not.

A scanline effect is enabled and ran through all pages by default, but it can be disabled through the Preferences knob. The site also always has various background music and ambience playing in all of its pages. The source of each song can be found at the Music Box.

The site was recently upgraded to a new version after a long hiatus during which the Representative disappeared; an unofficial mirror of the old version may still be seen on

Main pages

The main pages, accessible from the surface of the website.


When accessed for the first time, the site plays an intro with the slogan "Unlink the world, Unlock the rest". After that the slogan remains as a part of the homepage.

A discolored image of the character Lain Iwakura from the anime Serial Experiments Lain can be seen next to the slogan, with a discolored background of what seems to be a cyberpunk-themed city. The logos of the companies involved in the TSUKI Project are displayed below it. On the right-hand side are the countdown for the unlink date, remaining slots for new registrations, and more statistics. On the left-hand side is a news section, with only the latest news present. Scrolling down further reveals a quick summary of the Project, and below that is a Register button that takes the visitor to the Registration page. Finally at the bottom-most of the page resides the footer and a copyright message.

Alternate themes

Inputting the Konami Code while on the Home page will cause it to refresh and show a slightly altered version of it. There are various different versions, choosen randomly after inputting the Konami Code. They can also be accessed selectively by adding "index.php?mode=name" after the link. The intro will play every time when accessing these pages.





  • Slogan changed to "i gibe u da presentz from LFE land xd"
  • Santa in place of Lain Iwakura.
  • Upper background changed to a stock image for Christmas.
  • Background music changed to the Hamster Dance.


  • Slogan changed to "My name is Travis. I am the MOONSTAR."
  • Travis in place of Lain Iwakura.
  • Upper background changed to a picture of Travis.
  • Background music changed to Travis the Moonstar.


As its name implies, the page displays various counters and countdowns important to the Project, along with some status messages.

Registration statistics

The biggest number on the top is the number of registrants. Counters for cancelled and queued registrations are seen below that.

Maximum time until unlink

A countdown displaying the maximum possble time until unlink, this countdown is in sync with the one displayed on the homepage.


The last three sections contain three missions that are part of the TSUKI Project.

  • The first one is transferring life registrants, which, as of now, is on course and recruiting.
  • The second one is purging Life after unlink, as of now its on course and waiting for the unlink.
  • The third one is Project Miracle Ribbon.


As of now the unlink date depends on the number of registrants and days passed after July 1st (2017) as these things both consumes Aurora. Therefore the unlink date is no longer static. This is a calculator for calculating the balance of how the extra Aurora from eNdymioN is being used. It may be used as extra slots or extra Life uptime.


This page gives migrants the option to (1) view their current time in Karamarea format, along with the option to use the AN0 (0-based counting), AN8 (8-based counting) and DIG (a digital Synapsian clock), and the ability to view their current time in non-Karamarea (i.e. Life) but base-16 characters, and the decimal (base-10) version of the same, to allow easier learning; as well as a converter which gives the option to convert any given time to its Karamarea equivalent.

As such, it is not a display of the current time anywhere in LFE but simply a way to display Life's time in a popular Synapsian time format.


The News page is for informing latest updates and advancements from the Project and is also one of the primary purposes of the site. Within the early days of the site, this page was mostly used for announcing the increase of available slots for registrants - however, now that the maximum number of registrants has been revealed, this is no longer necessary.


This page lists all the currently registered users of the Project, along with the drawings that they used to register.

Clicking on an image will shortly cause the high quality resolution of it to take up a part of the page where it stands.


This is the page where new users register for the Project.

Registration process

  • Listing the agreements.
  • Asking for the user's age.
  • Asking for the user's email so that Tsuki may notify whether them whether the registration is accepted or rejected.
  • Requesting the user to draw an image with the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" handwritten on it so that Tsuki may locate their soul.
  • An oath to never attempt to cause harm to the Project must be agreed to by the user, along with a pledge saying as much that needs to be written manually.

After uploading the image the user will be greeted by a page saying that the registration has completed and it might take a few days for it to be accepted.


As its name states, it is a page for registrants to login with their EID. The background is overlaid by a "Hyperspace" effect. A warning telling users to never share their EID with anyone is stated.

ATH entry

ATH entry is a login function that is generally provided for use by people using the LFEian proxy (dyiri.shosha.tsuki) but can be authenticated to only by TSUKI staff. It checks if a browser supports inline voidauth and allows the User to log in if this requirement is met, displaying a bad-request error otherwise. It is not possible for Life inhabitants to log in using the ATH entry.


The Dataverses is a publicly available repository for the TSUKI Project. This includes translated conversations from Infinity and Synapsian resources used for the site. A series of ambience that differs from the ones heard on the other pages play here. Loading animations from page to page differ here.

Translated conversations from Infinity

A group of translated conversations from Infinity, a spanning System used for people of all non-blocking Systems to communicate. According to TsukiRep, this is only an excerpt, and their culture has been translated to be comprehensible to humans.


The Synapsian font used for the website is available for download and a textbox for testing that is also provided.

The Script used for full Synapsian is also available for download, along with a guide on how to use it and a textbox to test it.

Music Box

The Music Box is a page for visitors to select and listen to most of the background music and ambience from the site. However, not every single piece of background audio is available there as some still stay hidden.


A series of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Project, among them its general purpose, its validity and various other things.


A list of terms related to the Project, most of which are used across the site.


A page showing a short description of TsukiRep and how he may be contacted.

Info pages of the involved companies

A series of pages containing various information about the companies involved in the Project. Accessible from the page index.


The EoTs are a type of signatures used by to companies to proof that they trust and a part of TSUKI. Each company's own EoTs are on their separate pages.


The company behind the creation of Systemspace.

List of pages
  • Systemspace - A document on the ins and outs of Systemspace.
  • EoT
  • Our Goal - A short summary of the company's goal.
  • About - Introduction to the company


The company who created the LFX framework and LFE System.

List of pages
  • EoT
  • Explore LFE - An introduction to LFE, the System that registrants will be transferred to.
  • About - Background information of the company.


The company who provided the extra Aurora for the Project.

List of pages
  • Our Role - A short introduction to the role of eNdymioN in the Project.
  • EoT
  • About - About the company.


The division of RISEN that takes care of old and outdated systems.

List of pages

Member-only pages

Member areas accessible only when logged in with an EID.


Accessed by clicking on the "HI (Migrant ID)" knob under the header bar. The visuals here are essentially the same as the Login's, except the options are different. The page shows their registration image and migrant number.

Available Options

Editing one's LFE existence

In this page, registrants may shape their new life in LFE by requesting specific wishes, memories to be specifically remembered or forgotten, and even changing their new name. Further information, asking the migrant to be realistic is provided here.

Available textboxes to fill in
  • Wishlist
  • Memories to be specifically remembered
  • Memories to be specifically forgotten

Belief survey

Upon entering this page, a registrant will be greeted with an intro of solar eclipse, as the moon moves to where it should be, the question "Do you believe in the TSUKI Project?" will appear and the choices "Yes, I believe" and "No, I do not believe". If "Yes" is choosen, a message thanking the registrant for believing will appear, if "No" is choosen, a message telling the registrant not to worry will take its place instead.

After that, an optional textbox requesting the registrant to clarify their decision will appear, clicking on the "Send" button will fades the page into white and redirect the registrant back to the member page.

Transfer speedup/object assignment

To make registrants transfer faster and even less dangerous, this page was created so registrants may connect themselves to an object that they bring with them all the time. Further information is provided in regards to what kind of object is allowed, and how potential loss of said object will affect the transfer.

Available textboxes to fill in
  • Object to be connected

File Box

A storage for registrants to upload files that they wish to be transferred over to LFE which accessed from clicking on the "Files" knob below the header bar.

The red bar on the top displays registrant's file box's capacity, the counter on the left is for the used space, and the one on the right is for the total space of the box.

The big box in the middle shows any files that the registrant may have uploaded to the box. If no files are uploaded it will simply display a short description of the file box alongside a hexagon icon. If no space is available, a message telling the registrant to upgrade their box will also be present.

A button for selecting the file for uploading and uploading the files are found at the bottom left corner of the page, with an uprade button on the far right side.


A page to explain how the file box works, advice on what should be uploaded, and the reason behind its costs.


As its name implies, a registrant may upgrade their file box by paying for more storage here. Bitcoin is accepted as the payment, and a slider is provided for choosing how much space to be purchased, up to 10GB. Continuing to payment will bring one to a page where they could send their payment and have the website check for it.


In case if registrants wish to back out of the Project, they may do it here. The page shows a textbox for registrants to enter their EID to confirm the unregistration. Warnings in fully capitalized letters are shown explaining the consequence of unregistering.


A vichan-based imageboard for migrants and nonmigrants alike, accessible by clicking on the "Boards" knob under the header bar. The page is publicly accessible via the page link. It is divided into 4 boards and has an aggregator, like Arisuchan but unlike 4chan or 8chan.


A chat system based on Rocket.Chat for migrants only. It was founded after community- and Representative-side dissatisfaction with the Discord, which they felt was not conductive to the environment they wanted to promote.

Miscellaneous and hidden pages

Pages that do not necessarily belong to another group or are hidden.

Unlink countdown

Clicking on the Unlink countdown on the Home page will take a visitor to this page, hosting the unlink countdown with a music overlay and animated backdrop.

Thank You

When accessing the Home page, clicking Lain or the surrounding area multiple times will take the user to a page known as "thankyou.php". This page randomly cycles through all drawn pictures that registrants have used for registrations. The Unlink countdown is shown on the top-left corner of this page with an upbeat background song playing in the background.