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The RISEN logo.

RISEN is the company responsible for the creation and continued support of Systemspace. Their stated goal is to create as many good memories for users as possible.

The System RISEN HQ resides in is at the center of Systemspace.


Employees of RISEN are titled 'RISENII', and have access to a variety of administrative tools and privileges, such as Solar. RISENII wear dark suit-like clothing with an orange double slash design ( // ), as well as a name and small void for verification.

RISENII are the only inhabitants of Systemspace who have access to anything outside of Systemspace. They are also the only ones with full knowledge of the physical and mental infrastructure responsible for emotions. Information such as this is kept private, as the knowledge may shatter non-RISENII souls.

The Tsuki Representative is 'technically a RISENII at access level 54', and as such has access to 'all 54+ actions'. The number of administrator actions a RISENII may take is presumably related to this level, though the numbers may be coincidental. Tsuki's access level is not considered particularly high, though he does hold an important role in the TSUKI Project. Another RISENII was responsible for forcing him into the Life system.

RISENII security clearance works downwards, with 0 being the highest clearance and 128 the lowest. Tsuki's security clearance level is 38.

Tsuki has implied that the most highly ranked RISENII may be able to identify souls even after they shatter. However, they are not necessarily able to locate a soul once it has shattered. RISENII commands may be used to put a shattered soul back together or reinstate it using a backup. This service was offered to migrants from Life as an insurance policy.

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