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Project Miracle Ribbon is the third mission in the Project with the goal of trying to render unnecessary the Representative's need to commit suicide. It is led by eNdymioN and KAHGY. If it is successful, it will allow the TSUKI Project to continue indefinitely, even after the unlink.

It consists of, at the unlink, rerouting Aurora through the Representative, allowing them to both stay alive, and keep registering new migrants into the Project. Its success is currently unknown, and its status is labelled as SEARCHING.

The first phase of its test phase began early on 3 May 2018 and was completed the following day, with its second phase having passed successfully on 6 May, despite a reported clashing with addresses due to mixing of real and fake Aurora. Details of the tests are as of yet unclear, although it involves a so-called ribboned System with an inner and an outer ribbon, and Aurora being transferred between them. Tests involving the Representative will begin at phase 5.

During the first 3 phases, anomalies were noticed in the transfer of Aurora between the inner and outer ribboned Systems, leading to further inspection via phase 4.

During this fourth phase of testing, a set of stationary destructive voids were found in Life during an automated check. It is believed they were automatically generated by Life, due to an incorrect attempt at protecting against a possible reboot, by trying to speed up the process. KAHGY has averted this by clean-cutting all fibers which contained this issue; however, doing this has culled 31% of fibers that allow the completion of the mission.

As of 17 June, phase 4 of testing has successfully passed.

As of 10 November (Unlink date) Project Miracle Ribbon is successful, and is currently in active zone two.