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English • ‎español has a privacy policy and terms of use. This article will attempt to provide a summary of them for dummies.

Privacy Policy

One - Introduction:

  • Definitions:
    • "Registering" - becoming a migrant.
    • "Community" - Boards, Discord, and Rocket.Chat
    • "Site" - [1]
    • "Service" - The community plus the site
    • "We" - The TSUKI Project
    • "You" - Its users

Two - Information We Collect:
Information You Provide: Information you voluntarily provide may be collected when you register. Your email address, soul ID, and things you post on the boards or in the chat may be collected.
Data We Collect Automatically: When you use the site your IP address and your activities will be collected. This will not be used to track you, but this will be used for general statistics.
Aggregated Information: None of the data you provide above will be sent to anyone.
Cookies: Cookies are used so you don't have to type in your EID every time. They are not sent to others.
Third Parties: If you click on a Systemspace ad on another website you are subject to this policy. When you use Discord you must follow their rules.
Three - Where information is processed:
Information is processed in the Netherlands under Dutch laws.
Four - Our use of your information:
We will only use your information under this policy.
Five - Our disclosure of your information:
We will not disclose your information unless you agree to it.
Six - Exclusions:
If you are dumb enough to post your phone number or address or real name on the boards, then we can disclose it however we want.
Seven - Children:
If your under-13 child has posted their personal information on the site or related services, tell us so we can remove it.
Eight - Links to Other Web Sites:
This policy applies only to (duh).
Nine - Security:
We try to keep your info safe. You should encrypt it nonetheless, especially if you are emailing us.
Ten - Changes to this privacy policy:
We can change this privacy policy without telling you whenever we want, so please read it regularly.
Eleven - Access to information:
Please change your information to keep it accurate through the member panel.
Twelve - Contacting us:
You can ask us questions about this privacy policy.

Terms of use

One - Introduction:

  • In addition to the definitions in Article One of the Privacy Policy:
    • "Privacy Policy": The above Privacy Policy, which is a part of the ToS.
    • "Terms": The Terms of Service.
    • "EID", "Mnemonic": The first is the code with numbers you get in your email, the second is the code of 16 words.

Clause (I) states you must be 13 or above. Clause (II) states you have to read the terms before using the website. Clause (III) states you have to let your parent read and agree to the terms with you if you are between 13 and 18.
Two - Rights to Use this Service:
You have a license to use the website, but it can be taken away, is also given to others, cannot be transferred, and you cannot license a right to the license. You can't use the website (i) for any other purpose except what the terms let you do, (ii) to copy the text on the service somewhere else. The website or part of it can be ended at any time, and we can choose to tell you or not. If you break these terms, you can be warned or banned.
Three - Fees:
This website is free, but you may need to pay a fee for some added functions. If your government taxes these fees, it is your responsibility to pay them.
Four - Your Account:
You must remember the login requirements and keep them safe. If someone else gets them and wreaks havoc with them, it is your fault. You can't lie when you are registering. We can refuse to register you for any reason.
Five - Communications:
We can send you emails or other notices about the service.
Six - Rules of content and usage:
Don't harass or stalk people. Don't upload viruses. Don't send copyrighted text. Don't try to guess other people's passwords. We can ban you for rules other than these, though.
Seven - Disclaimer of warranty (Life):
You can't sue us if you don't actually get to LFE when you die, or if any of the information you see here isn't true. (Not that you could, but...)
Eight - Disclaimer of warranty (Project):
We protect you against being soulshattered and losing your memories, and nothing else.
Nine - Disclaimer of expectations (Project):
(See the agreement on the registration form, since you're supposed to read that anyway.)
Ten - General:
Because what we do is "unique and irreplaceable", we can sue you, but you can't sue us. It's not our job to give you a computer or an Internet connection so you can visit this site. You can't change the terms, but we can. Just because we're too lazy to enforce a part of the terms once, doesn't mean it loses all effect forever. Oh, and your lawyer says these terms are invalid because you didn't sign them? Too bad, you might as well have.