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A migrant is a person who has signed up into TSUKI Project through the Systemspace site.


On the Project's website, the registration link appears for anyone who wishes to be part of Life's evacuation. Once a person has gone through the registration, they will soon be given an EID that acts as both a password and identification that only they should know of. Once they receive this ID from TsukiRep, they are officially a migrant. He has also confirmed that it is possible for him to add users manually, though he has not revealed which ones he has added.

Migrants are then allowed to edit their belief in the Project, what they wish for when they move on to LFE, and participate in community-related decisions and activities. They are also allowed access to File Boxes where they may upload files to be transferred with them to LFE after their death, if they have the capacity (which they can get by either buying it or asking the TSUKI Representative).

People younger than thirteen years cannot become a migrant due to legal reasons. Migrants, upon registering, are sworn to not cause harm to the Project and grant the Project their rights on a soulful basis.