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This is a list of times the TSUKI Project has been mentioned in the media. These times are viewed with suspicion by regulars in the Project, as they tend to result in an influx, both of unknowing or unfitting teenagers who enter into the TSUKI Project simply to differentiate themselves from their peers, and of people who misinterpret it as an "anime suicide cult".

March 2017

  • March 6th: A YouTuber by the name Mirlo uploaded a video titled "TSUKI Project - Weird Anime Cult Recruitment Site".[1]

April 2017

  • April 22nd: Well-known YouTuber ScareTheater uploaded a video titled "Strange Websites - Episode 2", which was later removed. The creator is a Migrant, as well.[2].

May 2017

  • May 11th: A relatively small YouTuber by the name of Varz uploaded a video titled "WEEABOO CULT IS ATTACKING ME! (Tsuki Project)". This brought in quite a twist to the community.[3]
  • May 28th: YouTuber Defango uploaded a video titled "Unlink the World, Unlock the Rest - TSUKI Project".[4]

August 2017

  • August 20th: A Youtube channel by the name of Fourth Project references various archived threads on 4chan in the video titled "Disproving Systemspace and the Cult of Tsuki" in order to attempt deconstructing Systemspace's validity.[5]

November 2017

  • November 12th: A video referencing The TSUKI Project was uploaded to the YouTube channel Daymaster, the video was made to showcase some of the hardcore aspects of the Serial Experiments Lain fandom.[6]
  • November 23rd: The TSUKI Project was the subject of an article in VICE, entitled "The Obscure 4chan Religion That Promises a Cyberpunk Afterlife".[7]
  • November 28th: The TSUKI Project was published to Know Your Meme as a creepypasta, later called an alternate reality game.[8]
  • November 29th: A rewrite of the aforementioned VICE article was published on Geeks Media, entitled "Systemspace: The 4chan Cult that Believes Earth Is a Simulation that's About to Be Wiped Out".[9]

March 2018

  • March 11th: A blogger on WordPress attempts to disprove Systemspace. An attempt to refute it was previously on this wiki but deleted as per author request; see The Epistles of Quintuplicate. [10]

July 2018

  • July 17th - 20th: As part of a "cautionary tale" called "Lost in the Dark" a program named CBC Daybreak South reports on the death of a teenager named Jake Fehr which they had linked to the TSUKI Project. The report contains many misconceptions, such as that can crushing is one of its rituals, that Aurora can be bought, that is part of the dark web because it has a dark theme, and that suicide is mandatory for entry into LFE.[11][12][13][14]