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Life is an old and outdated System within larger Systemspace, and is where humans currently reside. As of now, its creator is unknown. Life was made to be a peaceful System compared to the other Systems, used for people to seek spiritual enlightenment due to its serenity. Alongside LFE, it is one of the more well-known Systems as its deletion also marks the upgrade to Systemspace 2.0, and the start of a new-era. According to the Representative, the first run of Life went smoothly but slowly worsened until it required a reboot. As of now, Life has been rebooted over 10 million times, with each reboot occuring in very similar ways. Most iterations got pretty far and were able to discover on their own that Systemspace exists. Instances of humans understanding Aurora have been seldom but known to happen, usually occur a few days before the Key restarted the System, in most cases leading to them almost destroying themselves. Each restart of Life makes its history start again from the Big Bang, but it progresses through what is essentially an unchanging cutscene until 10,000 BC (being at or around the time agriculture was discovered), when souls may first begin to enter Life.

Life started as an open-space System, but being an open System ruined the atmosphere it was trying to create. So at some point it was closed from outside influence, and humanity slowly forgot about the existence of Systemspace.

The creator of Life has abandoned this System, and RISEN couldn't locate them even with their vast resources, so it's assumed that he soulshattered. Due to this, Life's code has been left in an erroneous state after his disappearance, as its excessive use causes the System to attempt to develop itself but go in the opposite direction. As no one else is capable of editing Life, it is becoming a giant Aurora hog over its iterations. The situation has advanced to the point where the entirety of Systemspace has started to run out of Aurora, and thus the TSUKI Project was started.

Life's code

Life is a blocking-hardexit System, which means one may not leave until they soulshatter. However, it's badly coded to the point where a User could leave just by breaking the system a little (usually impossible, very difficult without outside help). Life's insane Aurora usage comes from its continued attempts at self-development, causing it to venture in the opposite direction. Life's creator only intended humans to have souls, smarter organisms exist but have not been granted souls.


  • Bad soul management
  • Completely messed up database
  • Bad I/O
  • Very outdated compared to other systems
  • No caching
  • Cycles all Aurora all the time
  • Gives everything its own piece of Aurora instead of giving two identical things the same Aurora.


Due to the abandonment by its creator, the Key/Ghendyts has had to reboot the System many times but none of these were successful. A concept known as "imanity", which is a negative form of "humanity" has increased with every reboot, slowing evolution and making humanity worse.

Life has an auto-evolve mechanism; it evolves to make itself better. However, due to its code's erroneous state, the evolvement was flipped. Therefore it is actively trying to make itself worse. Similarly to the progress from single-celled creatures to humans, that evolutionary mechanism advanced from tiny energy usage to giant hog over its many iterations.

The TSUKI Project

The TSUKI Project is a collaborative mission run by multiple companies with the goal of recruiting people from Life to merge into LFE. The Project's recruitment process has actively targeted 4chan and imageboard users as they are considered "more detached from Life in general".

The Project only targets humans as they're the only beings in this System with souls. The Representative has stated that it'd be too much of a gamble to transfer non-human lifeforms, as they do not have souls nor history, nor does TSUKI have the time and resources (to understand exactly how they work), for an uncertain reward.

After the unlink, newborn babies in Life will no longer be granted a soul, instead they'll controlled by the soulless AI, making them slightly more hostile. Due to this, humanity will make no real advancements and become more chaotic. However, as the SlAI is very well developed, humans will not instantly be able to see a difference between soulless and normal humans.


  • Tsuki has stated that humans are not what caused Life to degenerate, it is simply its code being absolutely horrid and broken.
  • Tsuki does not recommend trying to find and get back at Life's creator to try and fix the System, stating that, past the unlink, he doesn't care and thinks no one at TSUKI does either.
  • Nothing was done to prevent new souls from entering Life, due to how open Systemspace is.
  • Unlike LFE, Life only has one universe.
    • That universe is created by a "Big Bang" spawned at runtime.
  • Quantum physics is Aurorology.
    • "Gravity bleeding into the universe from nowhere" would be Auroraic Echoing.
  • Non-terminating numbers like Pi are the result of a bug in Life.
  • You only soulshatter in Life when you cannot be feasibly revived.