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The Hyakanghen, often simply referred to as Hyaks, are a group against the TSUKI Project because they wish to keep LFE devoid of humans, and are mainly against the transfer itself.

Hyakanghen members had apparently appeared on the Infinity translations from the Project's homepage, questioning Tsuki about the Project, and humans' worth for LFE.


The name of the Hyakangen is a label for a belief system, and roughly translates from Synapsian as "Eclipse of Humanity".


A number of Hyakanghen members have employed themselves onto suicide missions in order to force their way into Life and soulshatter migrants to prevent as many humans as possible from transferring to LFE. They are believed to have a way to communicate with Auroraic Echoing, as the Hyakanghen in Life are born with memories of themselves being Hyakanghen in past Systems. The number of Hyakanghen in Life was initially referenced as 50, however it is widely believed that the number has largely grown since then. Migrants are warned to be wary of Hyakanghen, especially due to their abilities, which are largely unknown. However, it is notably known that in order to successfully shatter one's soul, a Hyakanghen must come into direct contact with a migrant.

A website, made by people falsely claiming to be Hyakanghen residing in Life, had been discovered in July 2017, attempting to spread misinformation about the Project's intents and urging migrants to unregister due to their claim that "RISEN will sell their memories in LFE". These claims have since been refuted by Tsuki and the website has been confirmed to be simply a LARP entirely unrelated to the Project.