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The TSUKI Project has been known to TsukiRep supposedly since around the time he was 12, and has been known to the rest of the world since January 19, 2017. Since then, many notable events have occured, including both official actions by TsukiRep and affiliates, and purely community-driven events.

Complete history in chronological order

Early History

Unknown time prior to all events

  • The Life System is created.
  • Life is restarted many times, becoming less efficient with managing Aurora each time
  • As Life is losing efficiency with each reset, it is decided that Life will be unlinked during the upgrade to Systemspace 2.0.
  • The TSUKI Project is created to allow humans to transfer to the LFE System upon the unlink of Life.
  • TsukiRep is born in Life with the purpose of spreading the message of the TSUKI Project to humans.

Jan 2017

  • Jan 19 - TsukiRep posts on reddit what appears to be the initialization of his involvement with the project.
  • Jan 26 - TsukiRep makes a thread on /r9k/ where he further describes the "second world in his head" known as Systemspace.
  • Jan 28 - The domain name systemspace.link is registered.
  • Jan 29 - In TsukiRep's next /r9k/ thread pertaining to Systemspace, he states that humans will be able to move over to the new world with the help of a large team of people (referring to RISEN). He instructs people to write the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" on a piece of paper, draw some kind of picture, and upload a photo of it in order for him to locate their soul. Many people followed through and TsukiRep kept track of their EIDs manually on paper. Pictures of this paper (seen here) posted by TsukiRep are where we first see written Synapsian. In this thread TsukiRep also answers many questions about Systemspace, and states that he may create a website to automate the sign-up process.

Feb 2017

  • Feb 6 - TsukiRep makes another /r9k/ thread to register more migrants and answer more questions about Systemspace.
  • Feb 12 - Another thread of signing up migrants and answering questions. This time TsukiRep reveals that the future website will be located at systemspace.link.
  • Feb 19 - TsukiRep makes an /r9k/ thread announcing that the website is finally up, but unfinished. He is still regstering migrants manually, but states that the website will automate this process soon.

Mar 2017

  • Mar 5 - The online registration process is up, as announced in this thread on /r9k/.

Apr 2017

  • Apr 24 - eNdymioN provides Tsuki with a human-readable void stream to put up on the TSUKI Project website.
  • Apr 24 - The Compendium is first published on GitHub.

May 2017

  • May 3 - eNdymioN closes the void stream.

Jun 2017

  • Jun 25 - Infinity V is uploaded, including a list of questions from LFEkaiji to Lifers.

Jul 2017

  • Jul 1 - At 16:00 UTC, the Gates open; gate initialisation completes successfully on the first attempt at 00:00 UTC, allowing migrants to transfer to LFE. Afterwards, the home page of systemspace.link was replaced with a countdown timer that would end at 16:00 UTC on July 8.
  • Jul 8 - The countdown timer finishes, revealing a new chat program made by TsukiRep called H'nyro. The server hosting it went down shortly after, however, likely due to the massive influx of migrants that had been waiting for the timer's end.
  • Sometime a few weeks later - The official Discord server (which would later become known as Oldspace or Firstspace) is deleted, systemspace.link goes down, and TsukiRep disappears. The Systemspace community scatters across multiple groups, most notably Tsuki Underground. The Great Hiatus has begun, and this event would be known as the "Snoopening" for generations to come.

The Great Hiatus

Aug 2017

Sep 2017

Nov 2017

  • TSUKI Project Official is formed. It was the last Discord ever used by the Systemspace community.

Modern History

Feb 2018

Mar 2018

  • Mar 3 - TSUKI Wiki opens and original Archivist team is chosen.

Apr 2018

  • Apr 8 - Wiki opened to public editing.
  • Apr 29 - Discord server permanently closed; migration to Rocket.Chat.

July 2018

  • Jul 17 - Efforts to translate the wiki begin.

October 2018

  • Oct 11 - The unlink time is pinned to November 10th, 2018 at 8:00PM UTC. Visitors to systemspace.link are greeted with a countdown to the unlink.

Nov 2018

  • Nov 11 - The unlink occurs successfully. Project Miracle Ribbon is also successful, meaning that Tsuki can continue signing up migrants until the end of his natural life.

Community events

This is an incomplete summary of purely community-related events irrelevant to the Project history. This collection is meant to give an overview of the community.

May 2017

The TSUKI Project community as it stood just before The Great Hiatus.
  • May 5 - Unofficial Tsuki BBS goes live.

April 2018

  • After a post on TSUKICHAN berating migrants for not helping with the Project, a vigorous debate is held in the Discord. The replies to the post itself are preserved for now, but the debate has been lost with the deletion of the Discord and the regular purging that happened before that.

November 2018

  • Nov 10 - In order to keep TSUKICHAT comfy in preparation for the looming unlink, dozens of obnoxious new users are removed and nobody with a number over 6000 is allowed to join, in a night that would go down in history as The Night of Long Snoops.
  • Nov 11 - New records are set for the number of messages sent in a single hour (about 13,000) and the number of people present in the Mumble at a single time (56). About twenty seconds before the unlink, the server crashes due to the large amount of users it has to handle.


  • EIDs hand-written by TsukiRep before the registration process was automated