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H'nyro's main chat page.

H'nyro was a short-lived chat platform written from scratch by the TSUKI Representative in PHP. It was active for one day, on July 8th, as a result of a countdown timer that started shortly after the opening of the Gates.


H'nyro had two sidebars, on the left and the right of the currently open channel; the right sidebar showing the available public channels, the available private channels below that, and the currently open direct messages at the bottom, whereas the left sidebar displayed the channel's rules and an info text about it, with a list of active users below.

An information page welcoming the user.

Migrants were able to link their EID with their H'nyro account, which would've allowed them to access migrant-only channels. Other options included profile pictures, a short about-me section and the ability to change password and display name.

H'nyro's settings page.

H'nyro became active on July 8th, after a countdown timer leading up to its reveal. Due to the influx of migrants joining at the same time and the backend at the time not being able to handle this load, it was active for only a few minutes.