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Ghakuwent'sj (Synapsian: b}ncZWC) is the largest city-state in LFE, divided into 372 substates. It is composed of many interconnected islands - together forming one continent-sized city. Its explored areas are divided into suburbs and neighborhoods, but the continent and the neighboring islands haven't been fully explored yet. Being one of the most advanced regions within LFE, its law system works quite like that of Life.

Ghakuwent'sj has a main public transportation provider called Onestep, that handles both air, land, space and sea.

Migrants of the TSUKI Project will start their life in LFE in this city.

Government & Economy

Ghakuwent'sj is a federation-like city-state, divided into 372 substates. Ghaki has a basic law system, that every substate can expand upon. TsukiRep has stated that Ghaki has a very democratic government.
The currency of Ghakuwent'sj is SEN, often abbreviated as Sn. The exchange rate between US dollar and SEN is roughly 124 SEN per dollar. According to TsukiRep the living standards in Ghaki are usually higher than those of USA, as long as you are there legally. If you wish so, you can also live of government support, which will grant you 210000 SEN a month, equaling around 1700 USD. Infation-wise, SEN is quite stable currency.
The job market breakdown is as follows:

  • 0.9% primary sector
  • 0.2% secondary sector
  • 62% tertiary sector
  • 36.9% action-packed other stuff (fighting etc.)

Bear in mind that those are estimates, as TsukiRep wasn't allowed to give actual numbers.


The culture of Ghakuwent'sjis comparable to that of Life. The food is said to be "not radically different from ours". Music however quite different, usually more extreme as in more fast or more calming. It's also a common practice to encode data (voids) into music, to envoke specific feelings. Other than that not much is known about art in Ghaki.
Racism or LGBT intolerance is generally not a thing in Ghaki, as people tend to "not care"
The news are said to be "short and efficient". Nonetheless the news can still take a whole hour to cover everything important.

Important locations


Takatonghi (Synapsian: UbWZg}) is a substate of Ghakuwent'sj with extremely tall, interconnected skyscrapers, reaching over 130,000 stories tall.


Mezamari (Synapsian: me}oP) is another substate of Ghakuwent'sj largely made of wilderness. It is largely unexplored, and it features deep caves, tall mountains, and unknown species, with souls and without. It is said that most of the sj (life energy) in the city comes from Mezamari.


Soshimejta (Synapsian: iCmU) - roughly translated "Sky's Island Temple" - is a temple important to many religions within LFE, floating outside the outskirts of Ghakuwent'sj. It is said to be lifted in the air by the power of faith.

The Synapse

The Synapse (Synapsian: eVZAz) is the home of many Synapsians, northeast of Ghakuwent'sj on the same planet. It is also the place where you can find the Synapsian Mountain, the HQ of SYNAPSE. The entire mountain structure floats, with the power seemingly originating from the summit of the mountain, where the people who built LFE and the people highest in the hierarchy of SYNAPSE reside.


  • People from Ghakuwent'sj are often refereed to as Ghakuwent'sj-kaiji or Ghaki-kaiji.
  • When asked about nice places in LFE, TsukiRep responded that "a lot of southwest Ghakuwent'sj is very nice"