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The General Evaluation of Project Status, or GEPS for short, was a survey for migrants to gather their opinions on and experiences with the TSUKI Project. Project Miracle Ribbon was stalled in the meantime, pending the receipt of sufficient responses from the survey, as the companies involved wished to gather information about how the migrants think of it first. It closed on August 24, 2018.


Note: Answers in italic required further specification. You would have been asked to explain why you selected it in the addendum (question 20).

Questions 4, 5, 6, 7, 12 and 19 included an additional note that revealed them to be highly important for internal TSUKI votes to determine the future of the Project.

  1. I am content with the Project. Agree / Disagree
  2. I fully believe in the Project. Agree / Disagree
  3. The TSUKI Representative is doing all he can to assure the Project is in a good state. Agree / Disagree
  4. I wish for the Project to continue. Agree / Disagree
  5. I am for Project Miracle Ribbon. Agree / Disagree
  6. If Miracle Ribbon fails or is canceled, I would like the Project to cancel another system to get more Aurora. Agree / Disagree
  7. I wish for the Project to grow. Agree / Disagree
  8. I am content with the Project's community. Agree / Disagree
  9. I am content with TSUKICHAN (the boards) Agree / Disagree
  10. I am content with TSUKICHAT (the Rocket.Chat server). Agree / Disagree
  11. I believe the Representative's death is a key part of the Project. Agree / Disagree
  12. I would be happy to receive proof of the Project and believe it should provide this proof. Agree / Disagree
  13. I would be relieved if the Project were to be revealed to be fake. Agree / Disagree
  14. I believe the Project is of bad intentions. Agree / Disagree
  15. I would rather have the Project disappear in a blaze of glory than for it to silently die out. Agree / Disagree
  16. The Project has helped me overcome issues in Life. Agree / Disagree
  17. The Project has hurt me in Life. Agree / Disagree
  18. I am happy I found the Project. Agree / Disagree
  19. The Project has brought me good memories. Agree / Disagree