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The file box is a place on the website where a migrant can store files from Life to be transferred with them to LFE upon the unlink or the migrant's death. The files are received either in the LFE waiting room or on the migrant's devices in LFE once the migrant turns 12 years old.

The migrant can try and ask the TSUKI Representative for some space, however, the most common way to get space is to buy it with Bitcoin, to make up for storage space costs. You can get up to 10 GB per purchase, but total space is unlimited. Currently (March 2018) the price is 0.0005 (1/2000) BTC per gigabyte.

The file space may be used for anything usable, but the Representative has warned against e.g. uploading web apps or non-compiled languages, as not all filetypes are transferrable and most files will have to be converted somewhat by hand.

When uploading files, it is safe to compress them in formats such as .zip and .rar, as well as in languages other than English, as TsukiRep has confirmed that computers in LFE are powerful enough to decompress and decrypt such files.