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An Exclamation of Trust (EoT for short) is a signed representation of acknowledgement represented as meta, linking to the full version.

An EoT is "acknowledged" is shown on the parent, which still does not exclaim trust, just acknowledgement. It's a one-sided trust. EoTs are from child to parent.

While the EoTs displayed on Systemspace.link are in the form of an image, the actual, original form of the an EoT is actually a square (usually drawn at a 45deg angle), with lines going horizontally and vertically.

The TSUKI Project


The 4 major involvers of the TSUKI Project have their EoTs ported over into 1024x1024 images, with black and white checkerboard-patterns as a form of representation of the actual EoT. So they can be displayed on the Project's website.

These EoTs can also contain comments. In the case of the 4 companies' EoTs, they're used as labels (e.g., "EoT FOR SYNAPSE TSUKI"). They occupy the white spots of the image, to keep the EoT's contents unaltered.


  • There have been attempts to "decode" the EoTs found on the site, all of which were proven to be a failure.
    • One of the attempts involved parsing the pixels, line by line, into binary.
  • A few migrants of the TSUKI Project got Tsuki to create their own EoTs for them.