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The eNdymioN logo.

eNdymioN is a simple company. They create Systems and other programs in order to make good memories.

They claim to have over a hundred Systems in their possession, and have worked on over 50,000 Systems, to help them achieve better memories. They enjoy helping others, including those at the TSUKI Project. They gather intelligence of all around Systemspace, on threats and other happenings throughout it. Furthermore, they have a lot of spare Aurora which they can supply the Project with.

They closed a developer System to gain more Aurora for the Project, and are big part of Project Miracle Ribbon.


  • They helped teach TsukiRep to program websites.
  • The currency used in many eNdymioN Systems, Krynta, is not decentralized.
  • The clothing eNdymioN officials wear is a black suit with a few red lines which meet to form the eNdymioN logo.

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