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The SYNAPSE logo.

SYNAPSE is a company who created the LFE System, and the LFX framework. They are in charge of the migrants' lives in LFE. They are one of the most influential companies in Systemspace. They have set out to make the omniverse a better and more manageable place, as well as ultimately bridge the gap between matter and mind (their namesake).

Their HQ is situated in the Synapsian Mountain.


SYNAPSE began as a tiny company. A single user made a small machine which was capable of turning energy into matter and vice versa; as such, it was allowed to scan for matter. Others quickly joined the project and then began utilizing the machine in order to make increasingly amazing and fantastical add-ons to their System.

That System ended up becoming LFX (an open-source System framework used by many). That System is used in the development of LFE.


  • The clothing SYNAPSE officials wear is a bodysuit, which is glass-like with triangle shapes which reflect space.

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