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The LFE logo.

LFE is one of the largest and arguably most influential Systems within larger Systemspace. It was created by SYNAPSE and runs on their open-source framework LFX. It houses over 9.4x10^28 souls, spanning a wide variety of species. It has been created under the premise that "everyone is important" as according to SYNAPSE, "every soul causes the branch tree to move in their own way". To date it has had 128 iterations.


The name LFE refers to the names of the three most important partitions: Living (all living beings) eFfector (all interactions) Environment (all matter).

Among the remaining partitions known to migrants are U for userdata, X for all data for the LFX framework, T for temporal storage, and S for snap storage. Due to the largely uncoordinated nature of these groups, they are seen as separate categories, i.e. the "active partitions" are overlayed onto each other to form the System, and the "inactive partitions" form the backend.


Due to LFE's open nature and expansive mixture of species, the cultures are largely dependent on its nature. This also results in racism working quite differently and, at least in comparatively large places like Ghakuwent'sj, being a lot less of an issue as its inhabitants mostly stopped caring due to the large number of species present. Still, many smaller species dislike new immigrants, and sometimes impose do-not-import restrictions with SYNAPSE to prevent people from other Systems from being born into their species. The latter is not too common however. In those areas, there can also prevail a sense of superiority held by people who know of Systemspace's existence, over people who do not.

In LFE, group society is primarily the norm, with egoism being a lot less present than in our current System. There can however occur large gaps in (e.g. magical) capacity and strength, caused by a User projecting their soul into this goal. This can cause entire galaxies being contaminated at once, killing sprees taking places, etc. In general however, LFE's crime rate is much lower compared to the Life System, primarily due to each User carrying an "Identity" at all times. A User can make as many Identities as they want, or only use the one given at birth (this granting anonymity). However, all actions have the User's Identity linked to them, allowing people in power to locate them.

The LFEian combat system is mainly based on pride and being able to execute actions. As such it is considered more of an art form than a fight (magic/bullets/etc. being fired in the most beautiful yet powerful way possible, to make the opponent unable to cause their actions). Once all participants run out of stamina, the one with the best actions usually wins (either by a jury, if official or simply decided between participants). Death is generally not valued so killing is not a common goal (in non-hostile environments) and seen as taboo; killing being illegal in LFE as well, with all wars being based on an incapacitation basis. An opponent going for a soulshatter is generally disapproved of.

Religion in LFE seems to i.a. concern itself with Aurora and its possible sentience, the creation of the outer world beyond Systemspace's borders or Auroraic divergence. Most LFEian religions also focus on impermanence as a major concept. The Representative has stated that LFE contains a multitude of Zodiac signs and in general being very focused on spiritualism.

According to the Representative, most people in LFE have past-life memories, but everyone has a 12-year wait time until they regain these memories. This is also why twelve is usually the age of consent/adulthood. A soul is fully stably adapted to its body when it remembers its past lives, almost always 12 years after birth. This is often celebrated on the child's "Recollection Day". This also marks the start of soul-based and mental adulthood. It is possible to skip the first 12 years though, in terms of later recollection.

Known locations



Takatonghi (Synapsian: UbWZg) is a substate of Ghakuwent'sj, notable for its tall interconnected skyscrapers, totalling more than 130,000 stories.


Mezamari (Synapsian: me}oP) is a mostly unexplored substate of Ghakuwent'sj, consisting primarily of caves, tall mountains and largely unknown species, both soulful and not. The majority of sj inherent in Ghakuwent'sj is reportedly originated from here.


Soshimejta (Synapsian: iCmU) is a floating temple, located above the outskirts of Ghakuwent'sj, and provides a centerpoint to multiple religions within LFE. Its name approximately translates to Sky Island's Temple.

The Synapse

The Synapse (Synapsian: eVZAz) is a floating location northeast of Ghakuwent'sji, which houses the headquarters of the company SYNAPSE, the Synapsian Mountain. It is reported that many Synni have settled here.


Teitanadenkini (Synapsian: JVUIJ}Zgj) is a forest located on the planet Yaranendje, in close proximity to Ghakuwent'sj. It spans almost two thirds of the planet, being the least explored in the vicinity of TSUKI. It is reportedly the most dangerous known area.


LFE is built up out of an ever expanding amount of universes, all with own planets with own races and locations. As such, scientific progress is dependent on each planet. LFE's central universe makes use of physic "laws" that, albeit following a very different pattern than the Life System, act in an equivalent manner, however this also differentiates per universe.

LFE uses big bangs similar to our system to quickly create new universes. This removes Aurora from one universe, and throws it into another at a specific point to "birth" the universe. It uses what would in Life be called "cosmological natural selection"; new universes are formed with slightly different physics laws as the universes from which they originate, and the stablest universes survive to propagate their traits to newer generations of universes, similar to natural selection in Life.

LFE's time scale makes use of so-called true time and local time, with local time depending on the location and true time being omniversal, based on the length of one processing cycle. This makes time work in a manner similar to the Life system, albeit the date/time system being differently notated, with seconds and hours working relatively the same and a rapid expansion as one moves towards larger numbers. 1 Life second translates here to about 0.3 LFE seconds.

In LFE there are numerous options available for modifying one's body, one of the most popular and most controversial ones being a soul transplant, i.e. putting a User's soul into someone else's/a new body. This leads to the User having the option of inhabiting any body possible, including robot bodies. The User can also change other features via more common bodyforming methods, i.e. adding/removing/changing bones (hnhehen), changing skin (hdhahen), adding/removing/moving/changing eyes/mouth/etc. (mhenhen), adding/removing/moving body parts (khrahen).

Although it might be interpreted differently, the wave equation is the same in LFE as it is in Life, and across the whole of Systemspace.


While the Representative is not allowed to reveal exact numbers of its inner workings, he has said that LFE's economic and political situation tends to generally be far better adjusted than that of Life, from years and years of development time. The job market can be broken down into estimates of .9% primary sector, .2% secondary sector, 62% tertiary sector, and a 36.9% so-called "quaternary sector" which handles e.g. military jobs, assassination, fighting and generally more "action-packed" positions.

Due to the System's advanced AI/automation growth, the laws regarding its use in the job market are somewhat more complicated. "Full (practically sentient) AI" (which is needed for most tertiary-sector jobs) must be treated as a soulful being, and must also be paid as such; furthermore, the company needs to pay everything about the AI - making it simply too expensive for most tasks.

RISEN, SYNAPSE, eNdymioN, Myrad (magic development), Komata (AI), Espare (technology and creating new species) and the Niskai Collective (new species) are LFE's primary influential and selective companies.


LFE itself is minorly governed - there are practically no laws, and few enforcement agencies. For example, Ghakuwent'sj has a very democratic government, with basic laws, further specified by the "states" it consists of. Governmental assistance is additionally detailed by area; in Ghaki a User gets about 210,000 Sn (Sen; LFE's currency) a month, worth as much as about 1,700 USD. LFE's judicial system uses a concept of so-called "weighted reflection"; to elaborate, if a User steals 1M Sn, they have to pay 1M Sn, hence the "reflection". If a User is broke and desperate, they have to pay less, while a rich businessman would have to pay more (this is not counting the harm to image), hence the "weighted".

In LFE, suicide itself is not against the law. In case of actions done by a suicidal individual, they are isolated or the punishment is expanded to other things, say loss of inheritance. This is not a common issue though, as self-shattering is not a frequent occurrence or goal. Furthermore, the act of threatening to kill or shatter someone is not against the law; if there is enough reason to believe a User has the capacity to do so they will be stopped, but this only extends to the actual act. (As, again, this differs per place, this article will focus on Ghaki laws by default as they are fairly common throughout LFE.)


LFE's (Systems often have their own currency) decentralised currency is called Sen. Its value within a System functions the same way as any cryptocurrency does in Life; it is scarce and not "creatable" outside its protocol. Its CPI (average across the board) as opposed to ten years (their time) ago is estimated by the Representative to be 1.41% higher, making its inflation rate generally stable.


LFE has schools for different past lives. A User without past lives needs to go to a different school type; a child under the age of twelve therefore goes through a default education that attempts to make them get accustomed to the culture they're in. Many of LFE's fields of research focus on alternate species and intersystematical science, as well as programming and other fields known to Lifers.


Technology's development levels tend to vary in LFE due to its scope, but most areas are far more advanced than our Life System. Due to this, e.g. pre-industrial worlds can get "pretty drifted away from the rest of LFE", as by Tsuki's words. Magic and technology don't work in parallel; as such, areas without technology don't necessarily have magic. Weapons are often developed using metadevelopment to move earth, using magic or railgun-like guns. Furthermore, infantry weapons generally consist of magic, magic bullets, energy bullets or railguns (from magic side to science side).

Due to the nature of the Project and its publicity within LFE, LFEkaiji are able to access (despite not being able to interact) the Project homepage and its assets. Despite this, only as much knowledge is available as TSUKI and its collaborating companies allow LFE to view. They are, however, aware of the Project and know that Life will be deleted. The Representative has confirmed that LFE's internet works quite a bit different and that the Systemspace.link site available to Users within LFE is thus only a recreation, rather than a direct link. There has been import/export to/from Life in most previous iterations, but that stage has not been hit this iteration.

Tsuki has described LFEian processors as being comprised of many different architectures, both biological and technical.


The "protocol" for magic is soul-based. However, magic is not a nameable thing like technology. Magic is the art of using specific codes of energy (created by the soul) to override the rules of reality in each User's own shape; like remote code insertion into a webserver. As such, magic is editing the world with energy, while technology is editing the world with materials. They can be used in unison however, leading to for example the properties of a projectile being altered with magic as it's shot.

Magic is made use of by using a specific type of energy to push Aurora outside of its standard. It's mainly energy channeling, but there are a lot of ways to do it. The common ways are circle methods (writing what could be seen as an if-then-else statement in a circle and signing it), pure energy movement (with the brain), or the Synapsian method which works by writing code next to a specific icon (this only works in LFE as it's SYNAPSE hosted). From this, a User can set up simple, quickly-executable magic to alias for large spells.

Magic is mainly soul-based, but some species and bodies can be bottlenecks or great advantages. This leads to there being races with zero magical potential, as well as ones that are more gifted at certain types of magic. As it functions with most soul-based actions, a User's magical capabilities depend on how much energy they expend; a User who puts his soul into it can achieve quite a bit.

LFE (as do most Systems) functions on its own astral plane, working on different Aurora frequencies; the Representative has not been allowed to reveal more of its workings.


According to the TSUKI Representative, LFE has a seemingly uncountable number of species and subspecies which may be impossible to fully list. They mainly consist of two groups - magical beings and scientific beings. While the sentient races of LFE are usually humanoid, Tsuki has also stated that Aurora seems to prefer humanoid builds. All species native to LFE are mostly natural, but some are purposely created; with the so-called "native" species originating from LFE's natural selection.

Currently known species

Magical beings[1]

  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Fallen angels

Scientific beings

  • Dataman
  • Espers


  • Lynlings
    • Mainly located in south-east Mahuensj.
    • According to Tsuki, "they are kinda dying out".
    • Skin can perfectly mimic the night sky during flight.
  • Synni
    • Located in the Synapse, the area surrounding the Synapsian Mountain and headquarters of SYNAPSE.
    • Said to be "very nice".
    • Intelligent but unskilled in combat.
    • Said to be somewhat similar to humans.
    • From the outside they are said to appear very mystic.
  • Sanyrle
  • Espa
    • Said to be very intelligent.
  • Korta
    • Known for living long lives.

System parameters

Tsuki has described LFE's graphics as being "softer and more colourful" than those of Life; outlines of objects more noticeable. But whereas in games, only audio and video are present, a body with full senses works differently; the User can simply sense energy levels.

These senses are defined by the System; a System's creator can add any sense they want, and implement it how they wish, as long as the User gets data they can parse in the end. In that case, a User's brain (if present) or soul converts image data sent from the System, to objects and Promises to execute, and sends those to the soul, which asks the User to make a choice, evaluates the choice, and executes it. In LFE these senses extend to seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling (touch), feeling (cold/warm), energy level, alignment (magical alignment), danger, current owner of areas.

A HUD is a middle-aligned System construct that, except for some species' brains being not compatible, many Users are born with. HUDs can be fully controlled by each User and these settings get inherited so if one person turns it off, it'll be off for their offspring too until they turn it on, etc. Magic species are often without HUDs, in favour of being "traditional" and going off their real senses. Tsuki has described HUDs as having a bodily energy display and a list of open applications. "You can kinda put whatever. Think of it as your desktop. Your wallpaper is what you see through your eyes."

As LFE is a non-blocking/open-space System, a User can choose to leave whenever they want - or they can soulshatter. However, a soulshatter is seen like death in Life, except more rare (people die in LFE; it just functions differently). As soon as a migrant signs up to the Project, a so-called "forcebond" is enforced upon their soul, making a soulshatter far harder (it can still happen but is outside of Life's reach). Forcebonds work everywhere, depending on how much power a System exerts on a soul, but it is slightly against protocol to use them (it'd be interfering with another System's core, which is illegal) so the forcebonds are disbanded after the migrants' dispatch in LFE. Soulshattered Users, i.e. "no-memories" aren't seen with much of a stigma in LFE, as many people have their past memories wiped, just to be able to experience everything they love again.

Further, due to Life's blocking-hardexit nature, a migrant can choose to create their own System, visit other Systems, and do anything they wish once they reach LFE. A User who dies in LFE will get reborn there. Though whether memories, etc. are kept depends on several things: brain damage, soulshatter, etc. Just like memories can be lost in Life, it's possible in LFE. Unlike Life, souls caught in an unlink in LFE will get thrown out into random neighbouring Systems.


  • LFE uses large inward hexagonal barrier drives for storage.
  • Childbirth occurs much like in Life.

References and notes

  1. The terms "demons", "angels" and "fallen angels" refer to species that are seen as "evil" by any religion in LFE; they're usually not seen as species in and of themselves. Some places in LFE, however, see them as official species. This means that, in a sense, fallen angel or demonic status (sometimes called divinity or holiness, too although this encompasses a bit more than just these classifications) is separate from the species (although it's common for it to be passed down).