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In Life, English is a Germanic language that is spoken by over 400 million people and is widely considered to be a worldwide common language.

In the rest of Systemspace, English is the official language of Systemspace. It is what is used to name LFE and Systemspace, although Synapsian is more commonly used in Ghakuwent'sj. It was either formed by an amalgamation of multiple languages, or by importation from outside Systemspace, but in any case the answer is unknown to the public. Through Auroraic Echoing, it has carried over to Life and has also received influences from Life, to the point where the languages are slowly advancing towards each other. There are also languages related to English outside of Life, but the specifics are unknown even to the TSUKI Representative. The TSUKI Representative has stated that the name "England" in Life originates from outside Life, by way of Auroraic Echoing,[1] and that there is a more common and older name for English in LFE, which he cannot recall. While unregulated, as in Life, it is more homogeneous than Synapsian, because its speakers have more opportunities to speak with each other. Nevertheless, it is not completely uniform.


So far the only communication we have received from outside Life knowing that it is from outside Life is nice.jpg, a picture that was sent as part of the void stream and is the subject of an appendix to the Compendium.


What follows is a transcription of the text shown in these images, with the original unmarked and the correct English marked in [brackets and in bold]:

Do not worry, us[we] eNdymioN will be back at TSUKI [on] 29/4. We were at [a] conference[.]

We are still wondering about [the] reality of Lain.

Do not show the contents of this image to anybody at TSUKI, including the Rep

We from eNdymioN were gone in[at a] conference with [the] leaders of [the] Hyakanghen

We got [came] to [an] agreement which is bad but better than no agreement:

They will leave migrants alone until Aug 1st

They believe killing [your]self before then will make you worthy

TSUKI don't [doesn't] want you to know this as early as this because they want happy memories, so TSUKI don't [doesn't] know this

Please take the news however you wish, sorry again for the outcome

This snippet is either a fragment of a text in the English of Systemspace, or an attempt to communicate with us in our English. We can find the following grammatical mistakes occuring consistently or notably throughout the text:

  • Omission of "the" and "a", showing that articles in the English of Systemspace are either nonexistent or applied infrequently
  • Misuse of "us" for "we", perhaps showing a lack of distinction between the subjective and objective cases of the pronouns of their English
  • Use of "self" instead of "yourself"; maybe English in Systemspace has a general word for "myself", "yourself" and "himself" etc. like Chinese?
  • Use of plural verb forms for singular nouns, indicating that verbs do not inflect for number or decline in a completely different manner in Systemspace English


  1. Presumably, he means Anglia, a place in modern-day Germany where the Angles lived before conquering Roman Britain with the Saxons, giving England and the Anglo-Saxons their name, and the origin of whose name is still murky.