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Aurora written phonetically on the left, and ideographically on the right.

Aurora是能量最纯洁的一种。所有的系统都是用Aurora形成的,而所有的事物也是通过它才存在的。虽然Aurora永远有限,但是直到一点它可以根据需求扩张。到现在,即使它的扩张能跟上 系统空间的增长,但是因为Life使用的Aurora太多,它还会被清除。

系统空间本身就是一大盒Aurora,系统可以依据自己的需要而改变它。 一般Aurora的计量单位是nhA。之所以它相当于电脑的硬盘容量,是因为它是可逆的。(使用Aurora毁灭一个东西会把那个东西的Aurora放出来,放出的Aurora和一开始形成这个东西使用的Aurora完全相等)。


Aurora is all-powerful, including power over people's thoughts, though it tends to follow Axioms. It can not be completely separated, but when it does the separated part acquires its own subsidiary will somewhat, but not totally, independent from the general will of Aurora.



Systemspace in and of itself is a giant pool of Aurora, which Systems can shape as needed. Axioms are used to control Aurora, short statements that force Aurora to take a shape. To do anything, Axioms are required. All Systems use Axioms in their most low-level code to ensure anything exists, as Axioms are what cross the border between existence and nonexistence. "Final data" saved from all events in Aurora is merely all memories made. A branch only has to be initialized if it is accessed, otherwise it may remain dormant. Gaps in the "final data" are filled in by 1) Promises, Contracts and Axioms, and 2) seeking back and forth. This way, a lot of Aurora is saved, but Aurora keeps functioning as it otherwise would. This way, only once Users in a System meet (and start making memories of) an event, Aurora would have to instantiate all the content for that event.


Aurora的计量单位是"nhA", 它是"naine hy Aurora"的缩写。

  • “Naine"就是“128”。
  • “Hy"就是 “7.72606529604E2889”。
  • “Aurora”就是“Aurora”本身。

“Naine”和“Hy"结合就变成了"Nainhe", 它的数值是7.72606529604E2889的128次方。

Aurora的使用率则是用“nhA/sss”来测量,"sss"指系统空间秒(Systemspatial Second)。

Auroraic Echoing

All Systems send out Auroraic vibrations (or "echoes"), which travel to and from Life (and other Systems), influencing what happens in Life and outside of it. Many things in LFE and Life have been transferred from each other by Auroraic Echoing.

  • Japanese and other Asian languages comes from an older iteration of Synapsian.
  • Arrows (straight line, capped with a triangle) were never a thing in LFE before Life. Instead a dot-and-line system was used (which can be seen on the old site's mirror).
  • Decimal numbering systems and the human alphabet A-Z were never used in other Systems before Life brought them there, now the decimal system is the most commonly used system (used to be a base-32 system), although the A-Z alphabet hasn't picked up close to as much traction and is mainly used for grouping things, and text written in English.
  • English also exists in Systemspace (and has long been the main language for it), but the Systemspace and Life versions have influenced each other and they are slowly moving towards each other.
  • The time notation method used by humans is very much like the one in LFE, although they use 32 hours of 64 minutes.
  • A lot of Life media (movies, anime, books, etc.) are loosely based on happenings in other Systems.
  • According to TsukiRep, there is a theory in LFE that Google and other search engines are even influenced by the search engine of SYNAPSE.
  • No physical objects can transfer to closed Systems through Auroraic Echoing, but ideas can be and frequently are. Most iterations of Life are similar to each other for precisely this reason.


  • 可以用原则尝试跟Aurora沟通。
    • 有一次还收到了一些Aurora有趣的回复,但是无法确定Aurora在不在撒谎。